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Welcome to Destiny Ministries. We are more than a humanitarian aide ministry. We strive to care for the special needs of the whole person – regardless of their age, geographic location, or national origin.

Bottom line: God loves all His children, and wants to minister to all their needs, all the time. Our goal is to impact lives wherever & whenever there is a need. Whether its rescuing children from exploitation (RESCUED CHILD), saving the lost (EVANGELISM TEAMS), or helping pastors strengthen the church, our mission is clear: believe God to transform lives & change hearts forever.

Here at Destiny, we offer life-changing books that are designed to change you and your world. Our books help introduce people to Christ, build stronger relationships with the Lord, and equip leaders through practical ministry principles.

You can purchase books by visiting the Destiny Bookstore Tab (or click here).

We thank everyone for financial and prayer supporting this ministry – you help make it possible to fulfill God’s vision and calling.

Be sure to bookmark this page, and tell your friends about us. Together, we can change a generation for Christ.

Faith Emerging – Building A Stronger YOU!

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FAITH Emerging, is going to help build your faith stronger than its ever been! FAITH Emerging is available in print, as well as Kindle and Nook formats.

Faith Emerging is a must have for anyone seeking to build a life of faith in the Lord, or who desires to accomplish anything lasting for Him. Why? Everything we do in this life, is done by faith. “Without faith,” the Bible reveals, “it is impossible to (even) please God.

From Amazon.com: “Faith: Nothing can be accomplished without it, but you can’t stop someone with it! Faith moves us beyond the boundaries of human reason, into the place where God dwells, the place where all things become possible in Him!

If you have failed at everything you have tried to do, but can believe God at his Word – then your future is as bright as the promises of God! How is such a dramatic turnaround possible? FAITH PRODUCES!  Indeed – faith really is that powerful! And best of all, it’s available for you – right HERE – right NOW!

Remember, Jesus said, “If you can believe, all things are possible!” (Mark 9:23)

Prepared to Lead

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Just Released: Prepared to Lead, is now available to purchase through our online bookstore (see Bookstore tab), or through Amazon.com. You can also buy, Prepared To Lead, from our Main Office (email us at Destinyministry@gmail.com).

Prepared to Lead is now available in the Kindle, and Nook format. You can also download a free eBook Reader from Barnes and Noble.com, or Amazon.com for your portable electronic device (Android, iPad, iPhone, Sony Reader, etc). EBooks are available throughwww.Amazon.com and through BarnesandNoble.com.

Prepared to Lead is a must-have book for those aspiring to leadership, and existing leaders, as well.

Description: Every believer has been called to do something to advance the kingdom of God, but many Christian workers (ministers) haven’t been equipped to do the work of the ministry effectively.  Now is the time to learn how to lead with excellence, according to God’s design. Are you ready to make a difference?

List Price: $14.95 (paperback), $9.53 (Kindle or Nook – eBook)
6″ x 9″ (15.24 x 22.86 cm)
204 pages
ISBN-13: 978-0982735275
ISBN-10: 0982735278
BISAC: Religion / Leadership

Buy Kindle, Nook Versions …

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News: Nine (9) of Dr. Tom’s books are now available in the Kindle and Nook eBook format; Including: Prepared to Lead, Keys to Successful Leadership, Practical Ministry (1&2), Rescuing Peter, and others. This is very exciting news indeed. For the first time in history, more eBooks were sold than books printed on paper. And we are thrilled to make many of our books available to you on two of the best selling electronic book formats (Nook & Kindle).

Kindle eBooks are available through Amazon.com, and Nook eBooks are available through BarnesandNoble.com. Even if you don’t have a Kindle or Nook reader, you can still buy eBooks in either format, and read them on your iPad, iPhone, computer, Sony Reader, Android device, and many more. How? All you need to do is download a free eBook reader from BarnesandNoble, or Amazon, order your instant downloadable book online, and you’re ready to be reading in minutes!

Ebook versions of Dr. Tom’s books are priced in the $9 range. (Prices vary per book). Hope you enjoy, and thanks for buying!

Websites: Destinyministry.netTomCannon.org, and DestinyMinistryTraining.c

Help Us Change the World

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Destiny Ministry, Inc. is a non-profit, global outreach and mission support ministry. We minister to the needs of people in many ways.

Through Destiny Missions we reach out to the world. We know the only hope of the world is Christ, and the only way you can become a partaker of the hope that Christ brings to the world, is to accept Him as your Lord and Savior. By doing so, you are lossing the chains of the sin off your life, and are entering into the most exciting journey – a journey of joy and victory – that you could ever hope to find.

We hope you will identify with the work we do, and help spread the Good News, by purchasing the books we publish, and by making a donation, so that we might better reach them, for Him. Our hope is to make the world a better place, and hopefully, we can do that one person at a time.

Destiny – USA & International Training

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At Destiny Ministry Training School we seek to impact leaders through Biblical Training (Destiny Ministry Training School). We teach leaders to see needs more clearly, to meet needs more efficiently, and to represent Christ well in all they do.

Ministry training is a worldwide (universal) need. Jesus told His disciples, “The harvest is ripe, but the laborers are few.” Thankfully, Jesus didn’t just identify problems, and leave us wondering how to solve them. He showed us how to solve the problem. “Pray therefore, the Lord of the harvest, that He will send forth laborers into the harvest.” The answer to this problem is the same today, as it was then. We need more leaders and workers trained / equipped, if we are going to fulfill the Lord’s call to “make disciples of all nations.

We will help you establish a local campus in your church or community throughout the USA, or in nations around the world. Leader training will concentrate on “reaching lives with passion, changing lives with power, and living life with purpose.”

Email us for more information on starting a campus in your church, community or nation: DestinyMinistry@gmail.com.

Got Gifts?

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New Release: Got Gifts? (May 1, 2010)

I am very excited to announce the release of my newest book, Got Gifts?

Actually, this book has taken me longer to write than any book I have ever written. I started writing this book, in response to a pressing need in our church, many years ago. As in most churches, people weren’t serving, because they didn’t know what gifts they’d been given, and lacked the training necessary to use them.

After I started writing the outlines, and teaching the spiritual gifts class, however, we experienced an amazing transition in the church. We went from having 20% of the people doing most of the work, to having 80% of the church members involved in active ministry in the body of Christ. I believe your church can experience similar results.

The secret to mobilizing the church, exists in helping people discover and develop the gifts they have been given, by the Holy Spirit. I believe most church members want to help do the work of the Lord, but simply lack the training to do so. Got Gifts? will teach them how to actively employ their spiritual gifts with positive results.

God has given everyone at least one gift – it’s time to use the gift(s) you have been given to help build the church, and win the lost for Christ!

Got Gifts? will help you discover the gifts you have been given by the Lord, and help you maximize their use, so you can effectively touch lives on His behalf, and win the lost to Him before it’s too late.

Need Help Training Leaders?

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Practical Ministry

Practical Ministry, one of my newest book releases, offers fresh insights, and practical, hands-on help for training leaders.

We would love to have you send us a review, comment, or endorsement. You can email your reviews to:Drtomcannon@hotmail.com, or leave a review at Amazon.com.  Thanks … we love interacting with our readers.

Publisher Info: Practical Ministry provides the resources needed to train believers, and existing leaders, in the work of the Lord. Whether you are an existing leader, pastor, or potential leader, we believe Practical Ministry will benefit you.

Practical Ministry is designed for use in Small Groups, Church Bible studies, curriculum for Bible colleges, and individual studies. We recommend getting a Study Guide for best results.

Did you know? Polls show average church leaders feel inadequately trained to successfully fulfill the duties they have been given. Studies also have found a lack of training to be one of the leading causes of burn-out with leaders on every level of ministry.

The hands-on approach in Practical Ministry will help you prepare new believers for service, and help existing leaders do it more effectively.

Practical Ministry includes:

(Module 1) Prepared to Serve: training for the heart, discovery of calling

(Module 2) Roadmap to Success: learning what to avoid, as well as, what to do, to be successful.

(Module 3) Team Ministry: discover the secret to multiplying the church.

(Module 4) Keys to Successful Ministry: helping to develop emerging leaders among you.

Throughout the Gospels, Jesus’ own attitude toward Servanthood is revealed. Not only does He appreciate hard working people, who are not afraid to get a little dirty, but the truth of the matter is, that our Lord – the God of heaven – actually embraces Servanthood in a real and personal way: so much so, in fact, that He forever links Himself, and His purpose for coming to earth, with it.

In all we do, as servant-leaders for Christ, we are called to serve well. Practical Ministry will give you a clear, easy-to-follow roadmap for successful leadership.


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Books by Tom Cannon have been designed to  help change your world, by changing your heart.Two Faces In The Mirror Books by Dr. Tom Cannon include: Two Faces in the Mirror, Practical Ministry, Rescuing Peter, Practical Leadership, Got Gifts? and Changing Natures.

How to buy? Click the BOOKSTORE tab, and purchase securely through Amazon. Through Amazon, transactions are safe and secure.

Rescuing Peter

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The much anticipated release of Tom’s new book, Rescuing Peter, is here!  Rescuing Peter is now available at: Amazon.com, Tom Cannon.org, DestinyMinistryTraining.com, and DestinyMinistry.net.

We believe Dr. Tom’s new book, Rescuing Peter, not only addresses many of the hot topics facing people today, but provides them with desperately needed solutions to their struggles. Rescuing Peter has been designed to help people triumph over the disappointments and personal failures they often encounter in their own lives.

Rescuing Peter is a must read, for everyone who has struggled to live an overcoming, abundant life in Christ. Not only does Dr. Tom identify the root cause of many spiritual battles, but with clear, biblical insights, he helps readers find the pathway to new life in Christ.

Publisher’s Information: Rescuing Peter.

“In the Apostle Peter, we find ourselves revealed … and in his failure, we discover how badly we need rescuing, too.

If ever a man need rescuing, it was Peter. No other disciple exhibited more spiritual weakness, or was prone to stumble over his own ‘flesh’ more often than Peter. But surprisingly, after the Day of Pentecost, Peter became an entirely different man. Find out how Peter’s sudden, and shocking turnaround can lead to victory in your life today.

People still love to criticize, censure and condemn the man, though he lived so long ago. Ironically, when applying the same standard to their own lives, the outcome is much different, though their shortcomings are much the same.